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Inigo Aragon - Contemporary Altars (2012)


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Papercut Light Boxes by Hari & Deepti


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Elinor Carucci, Closer

Elinor works almost exclusively with her immediate family — her parents, sibling, husband, and children. Her images are slow and meditative. Her subjects are clearly aware of her presence, but so familiar with her ever-present camera that they continue about their business. Consciously or not, they position themselves in a photogenic manner, without obviously posing. If Elinor lives a life as a constant photographer, her family members live as constant models, and over time they have refined their craft to match her own.

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Spanish street artist Aryz pops up in Linz, Austria

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From the series Saturday Girl by Casey Orr

"Saturday Girl is a series of portraits of young women in Leeds; specifically as seen through their hairstyles.

It is an exploration of what hair means culturally and personally to young women and how they experience and use the power inherent in becoming visible as women.

All of the photographs are taken on Saturday afternoons in a pop up studio in the Leeds, and on Saturdays this city brims with young women, out with girlfriends, shopping and generally hanging around looking and being looked at. 

These girls are experimenting with fantastically creative ways of expressing themselves. We have always dyed and cut, sprayed and shaved; as a way of stating individuality and belonging to a tribe. All this big hair also reflects past trends in hair fashion, passed down to them intuitively through culture.

Saturday Girl is an exhibition and series of events including  film screenings, talks and performances which explore ideas of beauty, power and visibility in relation to women, Leeds Gallery, March 2014.” -Artist Statement

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 New Whimsical Drawings by Sagaki Keita

Japanese artist Sagaki Keita recently updated his portfolio with a number of new works from 2012. Keita creates composite pen and ink illustrations using thousands of densely scribbled doodles, goofy characters seemingly born from the margins of notebook paper that then form everything from Roman statues to artworks from pop culture. Several of these illustrations are actually part of a commissioned campaign for Expedia from late last year.


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RYAN BURKE web site

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im with you
april 2014


im with you

april 2014

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